Blue and green glass hummingbird Christmas ornament

If you’re looking for a gift for a birdwatcher or nature lover here’s an idea.

Blue and green glass hummingbird Christmas ornament

Blue and green glass hummingbird Christmas ornament This pretty hummingbird ornament has been handcrafted in Egyptian Glass and measures 3 1/2 inches x 2 inches. You can personalize it with a name or date, as well.

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Our 2017 hummingbird season

Male rubythroat hummingbird

Salvia Amistad
Hummingbird fattening up for migration

Our 2017 hummingbird season has been a pretty good one. We put our first feeder out the weekend of April 22nd – 23rd and that was about a week later than we normally do. We saw our first hummingbird a day or two later, which is highly unusual. We usually don’t see the first hummingbird for a couple of weeks after having put out the feeder.

The start of the season was like normal, we saw hummingbirds every day for a couple of weeks, then we didn’t see many for a few weeks. We always assume this is the time they start nesting. Think we’ve had more hummingbirds visit this year than ever before. Most of the visits have been to the feeder rather than the plants, but we think that might be because of the tree removal we talked about this time last year.

We tried a new plant this year called Salvia Amistad (pictured above) that goes great with the Black and Blue Salvia. It is now late August and we have hummingbirds visiting non-stop. Haven’t been able to get any real good photos yet but we’ll keep trying. Sadly, they’ll be leaving us in a couple of weeks and we’ll have to wait to see them again until next Spring.

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Noble Gems glittered glass hummingbird clip-on Christmas ornament

This Noble Gems glittered glass hummingbird clip-on Christmas ornament will definitely make a sparkly addition to your Christmas tree. It’s been made in the tradition of European mouth blown glass and skilled artisans have hand painted it. It’s colors are green, red, white blue and black accented with iridescent glitter. Comes with an easy to attach clip. Measures 3.25″ H x 4.5″ W x 1.75″ D.

4.5″ Noble Gems Glittered Glass Green and Blue Hummingbird Clip-On Christmas Ornament

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Hummingbird ornament

A hummingbird ornament is a great gift for someone who loves hummingbirds or even just birds in general. Of course, you can always purchase it yourself and have a hummingbird themed Christmas tree, too. Here’s a pretty hummingbird glass ornament. The hummingbird is green with white underneath. It has a red throat and black beak. Measures 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ inches. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of these magical little birds even when they’ve gone to warmer weather for the winter.

If you’d like to do so, you can personalize this item by having a name and year placed on it as well.
Pretty Hummingbird
Pretty Hummingbird Ornament Shop

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Final hummingbird sighting for 2016

rubythroat resting in tree

rubythroat in shadows

Resting rubythroat

Our final hummingbird sighting for 2016 was September 20th, which is about a week later than usual for us. This year they arrived about a week earlier than usual and left a week later than usual. That was nice because we got to see them a little longer this year.

We saw about the same amount of hummingbirds this year, if not more but overall it wasn’t as good a year as most. I say that because they would visit the feeders but leave soon afterwards. Usually, they would feed from the many plants we have for them, but not much this year. We think the reason for this may have been due to two things. First, some of the plants didn’t seem to grow or bloom that well until late in the year. A cold and long Spring combined with a hot and dry Summer may have been the plant problem.

We had to remove a huge pine tree from our yard before the season started and think that may have been the reason for the quick visits. We’re thinking the big tree gave them security by shielding them from the rest of the world and that made them stay longer. We’ve planted a smaller tree in the spot close to where the pine tree was, but it will probably take a while to get big enough to help.

Above are a few photos we took this year but we had hoped to get some better pictures with them feeding on plants. Hopefully, things will go differently next year.

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First hummingbird feeder up and first hummingbird sighting for 2016

dish type feeder

We put our first hummingbird feeder up on Wednesday afternoon, April 20th and had our first hummingbird sighting for 2016 a week later on the 27th at about 6:30 that evening. It was a male ruby throated hummingbird.

April 27th is probably one of the earliest dates that we’ve seen our first hummingbird. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any since. Reason may be that the weather hasn’t been very nice for hummingbirds. It’s been cold and wet.

Hopefully, we’ll get some pictures soon so we can make our first pictures of 2016 post.

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Lena Liu “Nature’s Tiny Miracle” women’s pendant necklace

Mother’s Day will be here soon so I thought I’d start showing you some gift ideas. I think most Mom’s would probably like Lena Liu Nature’s Tiny Miracle women’s pendant necklace but especially any mom who likes hummingbirds or flowers am sure would love it. I’ve featured quite a few of Lena Liu’s hummingbird art on my blog since I think her art is quite unique and all of it is so pretty.

Lena Liu Nature's Tiny Miracle Women's Pendant Necklace

Lena Liu Nature’s Tiny Miracle women’s pendant necklace
is another of award winning painter Lena Liu’s hummingbird art. The handcrafted faceted crystal pendant is suspended from a custom bail with solid sterling silver leaves that have been plated in 18k gold with Swarovski crystal accents. Encased within the crystal is a reproduction of her original hummingbird art, “Radiance” It features a hummingbird with delicate flowers in mostly purple and blue pastel colors. The back of the crystal is engraved with Lena Liu’s signature. Pendant measures 1″ H; 2.5 cm H; 18k gold-plated chain measures 18″ L; 45.7 cm L. Certificate of Authenticity is included. Even the gift box it arrives in is a work of art. It features a reproduction of her hummingbird art on the cover.

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Hummingbirds watch

This hummingbirds watch is perfect for any hummingbird lover, garden lover or someone with a sense of style looking for a whimsical or fun watch.

Hummingbirds Watch in Silver

Hummingbirds watch in silver from Whimsical GIfts Magical little hummingbird is feeding on flowers above it with flowers below, too. Watch is 10″ in length and case diameter is 1.5″. Italian leather band is available in a variety of colors.

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Final hummingbird sighting for 2015

Our final hummingbird sighting for 2015 was September 12th and I think that was about the last time we made a post. If I remember correctly, our first sighting was almost a week earlier than usual. For the most part we had a few different hummingbirds visit almost everyday, which is pretty much our normal.

After a blizzard last week, we are sure looking forward to Spring and the return of our hummingbirds. Our best producing plants this past year were pretty much the same as every year, the Cardinal Climber and the Salvia – Black and Blue. We did try one new plant this past season, the Vermillionaire a Cuphea hybrid (cigar plant) but it didn’t get used as much as the others.

We’re still finding it a challenge to get really good photos of our little visitors but we plan to keep working at it. Below are a few more photos from this past season. If you may have an interest here is some hummingbird art for sale

Hummingbird and agastache photo

Male Ruby-throated hummingbird photo

Little girl ruby-throated hummingbird photo

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A few more hummingbird pictures from 2015

Below are a few more hummingbird pictures we took this year, 2015. With our hummingbird season coming to an end I certainly can say we had a lot of visitors this year. It seems like the longer we keep putting out feeders and plants for the hummingbirds they keep coming back in larger numbers each year. As time goes on it still doesn’t get any easier trying to get good pictures of these little birds. Soon we’ll make another post about our last hummingbird sighting of the season. If you’re interested in looking at more of our hummingbird pictures they can be seen at our photography web site, Purplebear’s Photography
Hummingbird flying
Rubythroated flying
Hummingbird and agastache

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