Lena Liu “Garden Jewels” table lamp

This Lena Liu “Garden Jewels” table lamp would be a great gift for someone who loves hummingbirds or would be very pretty sitting on a table somewhere in your own home.

Lena Liu
Lamp: Garden Jewels Lena Liu Hummingbird Lamp
Limited edition and an exclusive from The Bradford Exchange, the beautiful artwork of award winning artist, Lena Liu. Her floral design and hummingbird are featured on the fabric lampshade. The hand-sculpted lamp base has fuchsia blossoms, and pretty purple flowers on wisteria vine. There’s a tiny hummingbird nest with two baby hummingbirds in it. Two ruby-throated hummingbird parents are tending the nest. Has mahogany-finished base and sculpted bronze finished hummingbird and blossom finial. Stands almost 1-1/2 feet high.

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