Lena Liu hummingbird porcelain music box

With our hummingbird season getting very close to the end we thought we would turn our attention to some holiday gift giving ideas. Every time we find a really nice hummingbird related gift we’re going to make a post about it. Here’s the first hummingbird gift we found that we thought hummingbird lovers might like.
Lena Liu Precious Treasure Hummingbird Music Box
Lena Liu Precious Treasure Hummingbird Music Box
This is an exclusive, limited-edition Ardleigh Elliott collectible music box from award-winning artist Lena Liu’s Garden Whispers Heirloom Porcelain Music Box Collection. Is hand-numbered with matching Certificate of Authenticity.

Crafted of hand-underglazed and triple-fired Heirloom®, features hummingbirds with beautiful iridescent hand-painted colors, 22k gold, Swarovski crystals, pave rhinestones and faux gem accents. Inside lid is a message in elegant golden script, “You are a precious jewel in the garden of life” and it plays the song “On the Wings of Love”.

This would make a great gift for a hummingbird lover or anyone who collects music boxes.

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