Lena Liu Garden Of Jewels Diamond And Amethyst Hummingbird Pendant

Lena Liu Garden Of Jewels Diamond And Amethyst Pendant Necklace
Lena Liu Garden Of Jewels diamond and amethyst pendant
Lena Liu diamond and amethyst heart shaped hummingbird pendant handcrafted of solid silver. Three genuine brilliant cut diamonds in curve of heart, one as eye of hummingbird and seven amethysts form the wings. Comes with 18 inch sterling silver chain. Certificate of authenticity included.

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3 Responses to Lena Liu Garden Of Jewels Diamond And Amethyst Hummingbird Pendant

  1. Elaine Wickham says:

    It is a shame I had to cancel an order for your hummingbird jewelry, as Bradford Exchange is the only seller in my area of Pennsylvania. I love your necklace and pierced earrings and have already bought your music box. They could not ship the necklace until July. I had to tell Bradford I am 81 years old and would like to enjoy them now.

  2. Elaine Wickham says:

    I had to cancel an order with Bradford Exchange of your hummingbird necklace and earrings as they could not be shipped to me before July. Do you know where I can get them?

  3. Purplebear says:

    Elaine, I’m very sorry that they’re unable to ship this item until July. I checked at the Bradford Exchange site and this product was designed by Ms. Liu exclusively for them and available only from The Bradford Exchange. The reason it probably can’t be shipped until July is due to it being a handcrafted product. I certainly can understand your wanting this product as soon as possible and am very sorry it’s not available until July.

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