Hummingbird Photos

Hummingbird  Photos

This page will be devoted to hummingbird photos we take in our garden and any other pictures we can get. If any of you would like us to add your hummingbird photos to this page let us know.


Photos to canvas print - Pictorem

4 Responses to Hummingbird Photos

  1. Nicole Green says:

    Hello. I have several hummer photos that I would LOVE to share with you guys. Just let me know where to send them!

  2. Purplebear says:

    Hi Nicole
    Thank you for visiting our blog. We’d be glad to take a look at your photos and do you have any requests or conditions on what we do with your photos. It won’t be long before our hummingbirds will be back.

  3. Where are you located? We are just curious because it seems like your hummingbirds leave so early. We have them into mid-October or even beyond in Madison, Wisconsin. You may wish to look at our website at

    You have a very attractive website and blog.

    Thank you for sharing what you are doing.

  4. Purplebear says:

    Hi Kathi
    We’re in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ooooh, I envy you having them that late into the year. We’ve joked with each other that it seems like our little visitors have a bus that comes the same time each year to pick them up. I wish they would stay longer but since we started growing the flowers and having the feeders for them it’s been like clockwork each year. Will definitely visit your website. We love to see photos not only of these magical little birds but flowers that others grow as well. Thank you very much for your kind words regarding our site and we love sharing with our visitors.

    Ps – My husband lurks at a hummingbird forum and has noticed that you and your husband participate there quite often. He’s enjoyed your posts.

    Purplebear (Kathy)

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