Final hummingbird sighting for 2015

Our final hummingbird sighting for 2015 was September 12th and I think that was about the last time we made a post. If I remember correctly, our first sighting was almost a week earlier than usual. For the most part we had a few different hummingbirds visit almost everyday, which is pretty much our normal.

After a blizzard last week, we are sure looking forward to Spring and the return of our hummingbirds. Our best producing plants this past year were pretty much the same as every year, the Cardinal Climber and the Salvia – Black and Blue. We did try one new plant this past season, the Vermillionaire a Cuphea hybrid (cigar plant) but it didn’t get used as much as the others.

We’re still finding it a challenge to get really good photos of our little visitors but we plan to keep working at it. Below are a few more photos from this past season. If you may have an interest here is some hummingbird art for sale

Hummingbird and agastache photo

Male Ruby-throated hummingbird photo

Little girl ruby-throated hummingbird photo

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