First hummingbird picture of 2011

Hummingbird at our feeder

Not a great picture but we have our first hummingbird picture of 2011 and definitely happy to see hummingbirds visiting our garden. Still didn’t get that new camera we talked about in an earlier post but hopefully will soon. We put the feeder up about April 17th and it took about a week and a half for us to see our first hummingbird. First week we had a male visit on an off and by the second week we’ve seen a couple of females almost every day.

We also put a new hummingbird plant in our garden this year, bee balm ( Monarda – Jacob Cline). We’ll make a post about it once we can get some photos. My husband says he sees hummingbirds feeding at this plant in other gardens all the time.

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2 Responses to First hummingbird picture of 2011

  1. sheila odom says:

    So pretty , I love humming birds !!

  2. Purplebear says:

    I love the lil creatures, too. Just came in from having coffee on the deck and saw a few. On the weekends we usually have coffee in the morning and after dinner out there so we can watch them. We have a feeder hanging from the deck railing and one right outside the front door. (can actually watch them from inside when they go to that top one without them even realizing we’re watching them.) In the background is our monster pine tree and small dogwood. Either before coming to the feeder or afterwards they’ll usually go sit in one of them for a while.

    We grow mostly flowers and plants that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Is strange, one of the hummingbirds just goes to the flowers and never touches the feeder while most do both.

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