Hummingbird feeder – 1st week

Last week my husband put out our first hummingbird feeder of the season, hoping we might see one of the male ruby-throats migrating north. This was probably a couple of weeks early but the weather was so nice he couldn’t resist. We usually put out two feeders but we’ll wait til we see our first hummer to do that. The picture below is the feeder we hang off our deck just above our lobelia cardenalis plant.

Photo of saucer type hummingbird feeder

This saucer or dish type hummingbird feeder has become our favorite type of feeder. We found out this type of hummingbird feeder is easy to clean, easy to fill and unlike the bottle type feeders you can see the hummers no matter what port they are feeding from. If you would like to get a feeder like this here’s where you can purchase the Aspects HummZinger 12 oz hummingbird feeder

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