Last hummingbird sighting and pictures of 2013

Pictures below are our last hummingbird sighting of 2013 taken last Sunday, September 15th. We saw one more hummingbird two days later early in the morning. We haven’t seen any since and that’s pretty normal for us. Our hummingbirds usually leave the area by the second week of September.

This year our hummingbird behavior was a little different from past years because some of the time they were here and some of the time not. Normally for us they’d arrive and then disappear while nesting. Afterwards they’d be here most of the summer. This year they were here then gone like their nesting schedule had been messed up. One thing that didn’t change this year was the salvia black and blue was still the first choice of our hummingbirds.

On another note we still didn’t get any real good pictures with our new camera. These two pictures below were taken through the glass of our storm door. Hopefully we’ll get a longer lens for the camera next year and have better pictures. We do have some flower pictures that came out pretty good. If you’d like to see them they’re on our flower site

fat hummingbird at feeder drinkingfat hummingbird at feeder drinking

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