Our 2012 hummingbird season is over

Feeding female RubythroatSadly, the last hummingbird we saw this year was some time in the third week of September. I think the date was the 23rd or the 24th. We left the feeders up for a couple of weeks and we still had some flowers blooming but we didn’t see any after that.

We still haven’t gotten a new camera yet so we don’t have any new pictures to show you. We plan on getting an entry level DSLR camera soon that can take some better pictures and maybe some short videos. If anybody has any ideas for a good entry level DSLR camera we would welcome your input or advice.

Even without new pictures we still had a pretty¬†good hummingbird year. We had three to four different females and two different male rubythroats on a daily basis. This made for a very enjoyable summer and we can’t wait till next spring. In the next couple of weeks we’ll try to find some new hummingbird gifts and make some posts for the upcoming holiday season.

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