Our final hummingbird sighting of 2022

Our final hummingbird sighting of 2022 was on either September 15th or 16th. Our visiting hummingbirds are usually gone between the second and third weeks of September every year. We had many visitors this year and there was one three week stretch where we were refilling our feeder twice a week. Our flower activity seemed less this year, maybe because we had a very hot and dry summer. All in all, a pretty good hummingbird year. Below are some hummingbird photos from this year.

Juvenile male ruby throat hummingbird heading towards cardinal climber for lunch.

Hummingbird sitting in our Forest Pansy Redbud tree.

Two hummingbirds on the feeder at once.

Hummingbird feeding on cardinal climber

Hummingbird sitting on our feeder while another one arrives.

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