Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia)

Last year at this time we sent away for some Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia) and Cardinal Climber seeds. We made a couple of posts since, one showing the seedlings and one showing the Cardinal Climber blooming but we never posted about the Porterweed. Here are a couple of pictures we took last summer on our deck.

Close up Photo of Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia)Photo of Porterweed (Stachytarpheta urticifolia) on deck

We tried the Porterweed because you see a lot of pictures with hummingbirds feeding on porterweed plants. That really didn’t happen with our plant, though. Since it was on our deck with the Agastache rupestris and Salivia black and blue it got very little attention from the hummingbirds. Regardless, it was still a great plant to look at and the bees and butterflies loved it. As for the Cardinal Climber we grew it in a large hanging basket and it grew great but didn’t look all that good. It probably would have been better off on a trellis, arbor or fence. It also didn’t get very much hummingbird activity.

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