Monarda ‘Jacob Kline’ – Bee Balm

We got one of these Monarda ‘Jacob Kline’  Bee Balm plants from our local nursery this year and planted it right under one of our hummingbird feeders. We didn’t get many blooms from the plant this year but what we did get attracted hummingbirds. We even had one hummingbird that went to the Bee Balm first and then the feeder which is unusual for us. This plant did have some bug or slug problems that kept it from growing properly. Next year we hope to get rid of these problems so the plant will grow better.

On another note we saw our last hummingbird around September 21st which is about normal for us. We left the feeders up for about two weeks longer but it didn’t look like they were used much. After we took the feeders down we still had flowers blooming for any late migrators, especially the Agastache rupestris. All things considered we had a very good hummingbird year with many visitors.

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