August is our best hummingbird month

August is our best hummingbird month because we have the most activity in that month. The Fall migration starts for us around the end of July or beginning of August. We’ll have three or four hummingbirds visiting the feeders and chasing each other around all day. Usually all of our hummingbirds are gone by the second week of September. As of today we still have a couple females that haven’t left yet.

Female Rubythroat hummingbird checking for other birdsThis female hummingbird is checking to see if she’s going to be chased away. Sometimes it seems more time is spent looking for other hummingbirds than feeding.

Male Rubythroat hummingbirdThis male Rubythroat hummingbird is one of two males we had visiting most of the season.

This female Rubythroat hummingbird appears to be chirping at an intruder. They’re always watching and listening for any others that may be nearby.

We feel fortunate again this year to have had a lot of visitors to our hummingbird garden. We’ve really enjoyed watching and listening to these little birds and will hate to see them leave.

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