First Hummingbird Sighting and First Hummingbird Pictures for 2018

We had our first hummingbird sighting on Saturday, April 28th after having put the feeder up the previous Sunday, the 22nd. The first little visitor was a female and a few days later came the first male. Below are the first hummingbird pictures for 2018.

We already have our plants in their containers for the hummingbirds. We got a salvia amistad and a Wendy’s wish salvia. We’ve soaked our cardinal climber seeds we had gathered from last year’s plant and plan on planting them today. We grow a cardinal climber plant for them each year. We also planted a couple of agastache plants in our flower bed and are trying canna plants for the first time.

First hummingbird sighting and first hummingbird picture for 2018

Hummingbird feeding without landing

Female Rubythroated hummingbird

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