Our 2017 hummingbird season

Male rubythroat hummingbird

Salvia Amistad
Hummingbird fattening up for migration

Our 2017 hummingbird season has been a pretty good one. We put our first feeder out the weekend of April 22nd – 23rd and that was about a week later than we normally do. We saw our first hummingbird a day or two later, which is highly unusual. We usually don’t see the first hummingbird for a couple of weeks after having put out the feeder.

The start of the season was like normal, we saw hummingbirds every day for a couple of weeks, then we didn’t see many for a few weeks. We always assume this is the time they start nesting. Think we’ve had more hummingbirds visit this year than ever before. Most of the visits have been to the feeder rather than the plants, but we think that might be because of the tree removal we talked about this time last year.

We tried a new plant this year called Salvia Amistad (pictured above) that goes great with the Black and Blue Salvia. It is now late August and we have hummingbirds visiting non-stop. Haven’t been able to get any real good photos yet but we’ll keep trying. Sadly, they’ll be leaving us in a couple of weeks and we’ll have to wait to see them again until next Spring.

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