Hummingbird pictures in August 2014

Here’s a few hummingbird pictures we took the last couple of days while sitting on our deck near the three potted plants we’ve grown to attract hummingbirds. The three are the cardinal climber and salvia’s – Wendy’s Wish & Black and Blue. This is one of our first attempts trying to photograph them while flying and turns out to be more difficult then we thought.

All three of the plants are proving to be quite popular with them. This is the first time we’ve grown Wendy’s Wish. We really like it and so do the hummingbirds. This year was also the first time we’ve planted Agastache – Tutti Frutti. We planted it in our flower bed around the deck and the hummingbirds like it too. Hopefully more and better pictures are yet to come.
Rubythroat and Black & Blue

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