First hummingbird sighting and pictures for 2020 during the pandemic

Female rubythroat hummingbird
We’ll tell you a little about the first hummingbird sighting for 2020 during the pandemic and include a few photos. We put out our first hummingbird feeder a little early this year, around the first week in April. Like everyone else during this pandemic we had plenty of time on our hands, so guess we were a little impatient. We didn’t see any hummingbirds until April 29th. That day we saw 2 males and 1 female come to the feeder. During the next 2 weeks we had a lot of visitors to the feeder and then activity started to slack off in the last week. This pattern is very normal for us, we see a lot of hummingbirds the first few weeks after they arrive and then a lot less visits for about the next 2 to 4 weeks. We assume this is their nesting time. Afterwards we usually have a lot of visitors during the rest of the season until about the second week of September.
Male rubythroat hummingbird
Because of the pandemic quarantine we haven’t been able to get the plants we usually plant for the hummingbirds. We had some old cardinal climber seeds that we just started, so hopefully they will grow fast. Usually we get some black and blue salvia, Wendy’s wish salvia and some type of agastache for our container plants. We’re hoping to be able to get out soon to get them. We hope to make another post soon with some new photos.
Through the front door hummingbird photo

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